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Guests with Additional Needs

Disneyland® Paris offers a variety of services to help guests with mental or cognitive disabilities enjoy every magical moment of their stay. 


For information about Carer Discount please Click Here.


Services in Disney® Parks

Upon arrival at the Disney® Parks, to board the attractions, proceed to Donald Desk, City Hall or Studio Services with your companion(s) - one of whom should be an able-bodied adult at least 18 years of age. 

A reception Cast Member (Disneyland® Paris employee) will give you information about accessibility to attractions and, if necessary, an Access Card. 

Please note that if you are staying at a Disney® Hotel, the disabled priority card and the easy access card can now be issued at all Disney® Hotels when you check-in at reception prior to visiting the Disney® Parks.

To receive a Priority Card, you must present your disability card or medical certificate. For further details please take a look at the Disneyland® Park and Walt Disney Studios® Park Accessibility Maps.


Access to Attractions

Disneyland® Paris issues two different types of Access Card (Priority Cards and Easy Access Cards), which allow disabled guests to access certain attractions via specially-adapted entrances. Each attraction has its own access arrangements.

Priority Card: for disabled guests (anyone who is officially registered as disabled)

Easy Access Card: for guests with a temporary illness



For safety reasons, to board the attractions, all visitors must be accompanied by at least one able-bodied person over the age of 18 who is able to help them. This is relevant to all visitors with:

-Reduced mobility or visual impairment (blind)

-A cognitive or mental health disorder*

-A behaviour disorder or autism*

-A learning disability* 


*except for certain attractions where that person may accompany several people with disabilities (see the specific details for each attraction in the Disneyland® Park and Walt Disney Studios® Park Accessibility Maps.

Please note that some attractions may have low-light areas, flashing lights or loud sound effects. Companions should pay particular attention to all these factors when preparing for the stay.


Documents required for applying for an Access Card

Priority Card: for disabled guests (anyone who is officially registered as disabled)

-French residents: disability card, disabled persons priority card, difficulty standing card, war disability card, European disabled parking badge

-Residents of other countries: disability card, European disabled parking badge, other official documents issued in your country of residence, war disability card, a medical certificate (original copy) in either French or English, issued less than three months previously and signed and stamped by the doctor, certifying that the person has a permanent disability


Easy Access Card:
-Medical certificate (original copy), in either French or English, issued less than three months previously and signed and stamped by the doctor, certifying that the person has a temporary illness (e.g. is wearing a cast, has recently undergone an operation) or is pregnant. 


Important Information

These cards are issued based on the information you provide. It is vital this information is accurate, as it is used to determine possible access restrictions, thereby also determining your safety and that of your helper(s). Disneyland® Paris cannot be held liable if you provide inaccurate information when applying for an Access Card. 


These cards are strictly personal, and you may be asked for proof of identity. Access cards remain the property of Disneyland® Paris and can be withdrawn if misused. If you, as the cardholder, are not going on an attraction, your helper(s) must join the standard queue. We cannot guarantee you will be eligible for one of these cards. 



No more than 4 people. 

All helpers must be present at the time the card is issued. 


Helpers must include 1 able-bodied adult (aged 18 or over) who is capable of helping you, if you have:

-A mobility impairment

-A visual impairment

-A mental health disorder*

-Autism or a behavioural disorder*


*At certain attractions, several guests with this type of disability can be accompanied by just one helper. 


For safety reasons, some of the attractions can only accept one disabled guest at a time. See the specific details of each attraction. 

If the cardholder is not going on the attraction, the helper(s) must join the standard queue. 


Helpers must agree to diligently carry out their role whilst in the Disney® Parks. That means:

-Following the boarding instructions given by the Cast Member running the attraction

-Staying with the disabled guest on the attraction

-Assisting with transfers, boarding and alighting 

-Assisting with evacuation procedures

-Passing on any messages and safety instructions, both written and verbal, given by Disneyland® Paris

-Offering reassurance, if necessary

-Helping the disabled guest choose the most suitable attractions


"TOP TIP" Free Disney® Parks admission ticket for one helper on presentation of official documents recognising the guests disability (travel package & accommodation not included).


Disneyland Paris Carers Policy 
Disneyland Paris offers free Park tickets for the carers of disabled guests who require a carer to accompany them on their visit.


To claim your free tickets, you will need to present proof of the disabled person's requirement for a carer when you check in at hotel reception. If the guest cannot provide the necessary proof at this time they will have to pay for their tickets. 

The companion will receive free entrance to the Parks when the disabled guest has a valid ticket and can provide one of the following:

• - European disabled parking card

• - Medical certificate in French or English issued in the last 3 months signed and stamped by the doctor, certifying the person’s disability and stating that they need to be accompanied by a third party in order to get around.

The companion must be a non-disabled adult.

Guests under 3 years old do not require Park tickets and therefore will not receive free tickets for a carer.


Click Here for more information about the Carer Discount.

Click Here for the Disney Parks accessibility maps.


Expectant Mothers

Disneyland® Paris offers expectant mothers easy access to attractions under certain conditions. 

When you arrive at the Disney® Parks, go to the Donald Desk, City Hall or Studio Services along with your helper(s). A Cast Member (Disneyland® Paris employee) will give you all the information you need about accessibility around the Parks, and will issue an Easy Access Card, if appropriate. The Easy Access Card allows you to be accompanied by up to 4 helpers. 


A timed reservation system has been introduced at all attractions in the Disney® Parks to make things easier for you and your helper(s). Simply show your Easy Access Card to a Cast Member at the attraction entrance and he/she will give you a specific time at which to return. A second reservation can only be made once the first one has expired. 


You will need a medical certificate in order to be issued with an Easy Access Card. Full details can be found on the Disneyland® Park and Walt Disney Studios® Park Accessibility Maps. 



All Disneyland® Paris shops are easy to access. Don't hesitate to ask a Cast Member if you need help or additional information. 


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